What Is the Triangle Method – Love Triangle

What is the Love Triangle?

Sternberg defines the love triangle theory, outlining the three main components of love as intimacy, passion, and commitment. Each encapsulates different emotions, converging into what Sternberg calls perfect love. According to this theory, love is divided into different dimensions through various combinations of closeness, commitment, and passion.

Universally validated through research conducted on over 7,300 individuals in 25 countries, Sternberg explains his theory, stating, “At a point in my life when I wasn’t doing well in a relationship, I contemplated different relationships I had been in and concluded that there were three elements dominating relationships, at least in terms of love.”

The Three Essentials of the Love Theory:

  1. Intimacy

In Sternberg’s love triangle theory, he emphasizes that the level of intimacy in a relationship is related to how close, connected, and trusting one is with the other. It is closely linked to how well communication is established. Generally, it pertains to “how close and connected partners feel to each other.”

  1. Passion

According to Sternberg, passion is about how excited one becomes when thinking about their partner or being with them, and the degree to which one feels the need for them. Of course, sexual attraction holds a separate significance among couples. Having an exciting and inquisitive relationship brings about passion.

  1. Commitment

The third element in the love triangle theory is commitment, or as Sternberg explains, the degree of goodwill individuals have in a relationship. This is the only conscious and intentional element among the three theories. It includes a decision component that quickly leads to long-term commitment. When you establish full commitment and trust, you believe you have found what you are looking for, and you proceed confidently in your relationship.

Different Combinations, Different Love Stories

Interestingly, the three components can interact in different ways, giving rise to different love stories. From the beginning, Sternberg focuses on how love actually develops rather than what love is. As a result, the triangle theory suggests that different combinations lead to different love patterns.

According to the Love Triangle Theory, the combinations people can have are varied, suggesting that everyone has an idea about love stories or may have numerous love stories. In this scenario, our ideas about love tell us what should happen in a relationship, thus guiding the course of our relationships.

What Kind of Love are You Experiencing?

It is crucial to emphasize that couples themselves must maintain the balance between these three components. However, according to Sternberg, each relationship takes a different direction. If you believe that being friends first is important in a relationship, you might be specializing in intimacy. If you feel that sex dominates, it means you are experiencing a madly in love and passionate romance.

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